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Opinion pieces

Innovation: Barrick thinks big Sept 2017 Carly spoke to Michelle Ash following her first 12 months at Barrick Gold

How to optimise your mine Nov 2017 When times get tough, the tough look very hard at their balance sheets and at how they can make the most of their existing assets/operations


Algorithms: mining’s crystal ball Jun 2017 Carly Leonida spoke to Dr Penny Stewart about the successful implementation of machine learning algorithms to prevent downtime events at Newcrest’s Lihir mine

Safety on the global stage Oct 2017 Carly Leonida examines the safety issues that small companies face when following clients into potentially hostile markets

Miners take safety into their own hands Jul-Aug 2017 Sharing is caring. Carly Leonida looks at how the open innovation culture at the Mining Safety Round Table is generating results for its member companies

She’s electric Mar 2017 Goldcorp’s Borden Lake mine in Ontario, Canada, will be the world’s first all-electric mine when it comes online in 2019. Carly Leonida investigates

Technical features

Live to learn Dec 2018 Carly Leonida looks at why machine learning and predictive analytics are so important to the future of the mining industry

Data equals diamonds Apr 2017 The world’s largest diamond miner is on the hunt for its next tier-one deposit. Carly Leonida investigates De Beers’ exploration efforts

Battery electric: the death of diesel underground? Jun 2017 Carly Leonida looks at the tantalising prospects of electric load and haul fleets

Reeling in cost overruns Oct 2017 Significant cost overruns and start-up delays have somehow become ‘acceptable’ in recent years. Carly Leonida looks at different project delivery models and how they address the issue

Propelling underground mining into tomorrow Jan-Feb 2017 Carly Leonida looks at the tantalising prospects of electric load and haul fleets

Making hard rock history Jul-Aug 2016 The newest concept in mining? Think again. Hard-rock cutting has a long and winding past, reports Carly Leonida