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About me…

I’m Carly Leonida, editor of The Intelligent Miner. I’m a UK-based freelance technical writer and consultant who specialises in covering the mining and metals industries. I’ve spent the last decade writing for and managing some of the mining industry’s leading publications, and I was proud to be voted one of the most influential women in mining in 2016 by Clear Creek Media.

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In 2019, I left my role as an editor-in-chief to pursue what I believe is fashionably termed ‘a portfolio career’. Part of that involved setting up an online publication – The Intelligent Miner.

Why? Because there are many brilliant websites and magazines in the mining sector, some of which cover finance, some equipment, some technology… some a mixture. But what I really wanted to read and, ultimately, write were articles that spanned all of these topics and more.

I wanted articles that explored the value of mining in the context of mega-trends like climate change, waste management, decarbonisation and social development. I felt there was room, both inside the industry and outside of it, for a publication that could put mining into perspective and make it interesting and engaging for everyone.

And well, here we are.

To keep them timely, individual blog post topics vary, but all will follow a common theme for each month. A list of editorial themes for 2022 can be found below.

If you would like to collaborate on an article or find out more about what’s coming up, you can contact me here.

Writing services…

Having worked as a magazine editor for many years, I know how hard it can be finding people with both the time and breadth of expertise to write thought leadership pieces and content marketing materials. So, I also provide independent editorial services for brands in the mining space including the writing and editing of:

  • blog posts and web content,
  • whitepapers and reports,
  • articles for B2C and consumer publications, and
  • thought-leadership pieces.

Additionally, I can help with:

  • Developing a content strategy as part of your marketing efforts,
  • Hosting roundtables or interviews,
  • Sharpening your writing for print and online platforms or social media, and
  • Writing speeches and presentations.

If you have any questions or would like details on my rates and availability please send me an email.

Carly presenting at the Mining Journal Oustanding Achievement Awards with host Amanda Van Dyk
Carly presenting at the Mining Journal Oustanding Achievement Awards with host Amanda Van Dyk