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Modern life is completely dependent upon the products of mining, as is the green energy transition. Whether consumers or end users of metals, landowners, investors, employees, collaborators or even opposers, we are all beneficiaries of mining processes in some way; therefore, we are all mining stakeholders. And we have a shared responsibility, to people and the planet, to mitigate the negative impacts of mineral extraction and usage.

Many of the challenges the mining and metals industry faces today, which currently stand in the way of it delivering the metals required for the green energy transition, are based on a fundamental misunderstanding of what companies in the sector do and how they do it.

There is a lack of accessible information and resources available that allow a broader audience to engage with the industry and have a say in its evolution. The Intelligent Miner was established in 2019 to address this. We do this through communication; by ‘putting mining into perspective’.

The brand is a hub for readers, content creators and change makers. Through our content, we examine the industry’s challenges and opportunities in a way that is honest, interesting and relatable for everyone, regardless of who they are or where they work.

We aim to encourage conversation and collaboration across the business ecosystem, educate and raise awareness of mining’s critical role in society, and help break down the barriers and siloes that stand in the way of more sustainable mineral extraction.

Through our online resources, The Intelligent Miner also fosters new talent – providing up and coming writers and creators with the knowledge and tools needed to communicate mining’s purpose in a future-fit way, connecting them with brands and championing their work both in and outside of the mining industry.

We believe that everyone can make a positive difference in this world and, no matter how big or small, their contribution is valuable.

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Carly Leonida
Carly Leonida

Founder, editor, chief change maker. Carly has been writing for and managing some of the industry’s leading trade titles for over a decade. She is now a freelance technical writer and is on a mission to transform how the world views and relates to mining