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Blockchain & tokenisation in mining

Five of the best articles on blockchain and tokenising mining assets

I’ve read some fantastic articles recently on blockchain and the potential to tokenise mineral and metals supplies. Interest seems to be building, so I felt it was time for a roundup.

Here are five of the best:

  1. Boston Consulting Group, April 2019 Capturing the value of blockchain Not mining specific, but still 100% relevant. This is one of the best introductions I’ve read to blockchain and its potential to transform business and trade.
  2. World Economic Forum, July 2018 4 ways blockchain will transform the mining and metals industry Does what it says on the tin. Max Weiland, CEO of Minerac, gives a potted explanation as to how blockchain can be applied within the mining industry
  3. Mining Journal, July 2018 Blockchain yet to prove its mettle in mining  A rare freebie from MJ, also written by the team at Boston Consulting Group (what can I say, they know their stuff!). Yes, it’s a year old, but provides a good introduction to blockchain in mining and tokenising assets for trading
  4. Minespider, July 2019 Tokenizing the mineral supply chain Now we’re getting into the deep stuff. Nathan Williams explains the difference between fungible and non-fungible tokens, as well as the benefits and limitations of choosing this approach for mineral tracking. I found the subject a bit daunting at first, but Nathan writes in a clear and concise way that makes blockchain feel manageable
  5. Case & White, May 2019 Rise of digital finance, tokenising mining and metals assets How tokenising mining royalties could help to revolutionise mining investment. A really detailed and interesting read, plus there’s a nice infographic to illustrate the roadmap to implementation

Further reading: It felt like a bit of a cop out to list one of my own articles in the above, but if you want more information on blockchain for mineral tracking, try my interview with Minespider’s Nathan Williams from May this year Blockchain sheds light on the mining process. We went back to basics and looked at how using blockchain could improve the sustainability and credibility of the mining industry.

As always, I’m also looking for recommendations. If you can add to my reading list please post links to articles below

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