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CEEC: celebrating 10 years in mining

Elizabeth Lewis-Gray and Zeljka Pokrajcic join Carly Leonida to talk about CEEC's past, present and future in mining in this special video interview

Did you know that 2021 marks the tenth anniversary of the Coalition for Eco-Efficient Comminution, or CEEC, as it’s known within the mining industry?

This not-for-profit organisation was established in 2011 by a small group of visionary mining leaders who recognised the challenges posed by inefficient energy consumption in comminution – the crushing and breaking of rocks – at mining operations (it currently accounts for around 3% of total global electrical energy usage).

They wanted to improve the status quo and set about creating a company to champion research and knowledge sharing in this field.

Over the past decade, CEEC’s remit has grown to promote efficiency opportunities across the mining value chain, and its website now acts as a resource hub, collating over 700 technical papers and providing benchmarking tools to help companies in this space assess and quantify their options for improvement.

The mining industry desperately needs more nurturing and non-competitive collaborative spaces that foster innovation, especially if it is to meet demands for decarbonisation by 2050.

Behind its impressive role call and their formidable list of professional achievements, CEEC has brought together a wonderful group of friendly, knowledgeable and passionate experts who I’ve enjoyed interviewing and networking with over the years.

So, when it’s current CEO, Alison Keogh, asked if The Intelligent Miner might like to support CEEC as a media partner, there was no hesitation in my answer.

To celebrate this special anniversary, CEEC’s founding chair, Elizabeth Lewis-Gray and founding director, Zeljka Pokrajcic, joined me to talk about the organisation’s journey thus far and how it is helping to shape the future of the mining industry.

I’m honoured that they have trusted me to tell CEEC’s story and I hope you enjoy watching this video.


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