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Top 10 reads of 2022

The 10 most read articles on The Intelligent Miner during 2022...

I’m often asked which subjects are the most popular on The Intelligent Miner… Well, wonder no longer; here are the 10 most read articles published on this platform in 2022.

And, if you’re a geek like me, you can also look back and see how that compares to 2021 and 2020. Enjoy!

1. Mining for the people needs people for mining

Carly Leonida and Katy Scharf discuss why the future success of the mining industry lies firmly with its investment in people. Read here

2. Mine tailings: waste not, want not

How innovative tailings management practices are providing a fast-growing stream of value for smart mining and metals companies. Read here

3. From miners to material providers: making the energy transition a reality

Carly Leonida and Peter Bryant explore the challenges, opportunities and potential impacts on mining of the global shift towards a material intensive energy system. Read on

4. Circular mining: as without, so within

To create circular mine sites, requires circular thinking. Carly Leonida explains why we need to consider the bigger picture surrounding future metals supply to instigate lasting change. Read more

Many traditional cultures consider commons like land, water, energy and minerals, to be sacred, beyond monetary value. Image: Unsplash

5. Mining and the tragedy of the commons

Benjamin Cox and Sally Innis join Carly Leonida for a frank discussion about the mining industry’s current treatment of natural resources. Read on

6. Mining, metals & recycling: an integrated approach to critical metals

As calls increase for greater transparency and circularity in critical metals, the gap between miners and recyclers is narrowing. Carly Leonida explores opportunities for mutual learning and growth. Read more

7. Exploring better ways to manage water in mining

Carly Leonida quizzes Dr Nadja Kunz on the mining industry’s complex relationship with water. Read on

8. Mining for change at the highest level

Carly Leonida, Kirsty Benham and Jeff Townsend discuss how mining companies, both large and small, can have a say in building a better world. Read here

9. Standing up for small-scale mining

Carly Leonida explores the potential for greater collaboration between commercial miners, and small-scale and artisanal operators. Read on

10. Reducing the social risks of mine tailings management

Enviro Integration Strategies and O Trade have joined forces to develop a solution that allows mining companies to assess and mitigate the potential social risks associated with tailings storage facilities. Read more

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